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Growth is an aspiration, growth is an innate desire, growth is nature’s intended direction of life, growth is synonymous to evolution, growth is the fuel for human kind, and growth is a living & breathing purpose for all. Growth is impregnable, and encompasses personal, professional, social, financial, emotional or spiritual spheres of life.

Growth is therefore the purpose of our existence, and the reason why we propagate and evangelize growth. We think, believe, and practice ways that facilitate growth and abandon inertia.

Welcome to the world of Growth!! Welcome to The Growth Evangelist!!

About Coaching

Coaching is the fastest growing learning theme across the globe & even India where it is enjoying phenomenal growth as more and more people discover the advantages for themselves. Coaching is sweeping the country invading so many aspects of corporate and personal life that you almost wonder how we ever managed before. Stresses and ambitions of goal oriented contemporary life, paucity of genuine support systems, and need to consistently move towards self discovery for an empowered, deeply contented and peaceful life.

Coaching focuses on an individual's strengths and aims to help the individuals achieve what they want more in life or at work, and a good coach isn't there to "fix" things for anyone, but to empower individuals navigate toward a more engaged and compelling future.

As perfectly normal human beings, all of us are vulnerable to dysfunctions due to our constant struggle to make lives better. Being mindful of these and quickly committing to accountability and support helps build constructive behaviors that help achieve goals that one plans for himself. Making a choice to transform oneself into a contented and happier individual is always a positive choice which a good coach can help you with. Apart from many others, some of the debilitating scenarios where coach can help may be-


Facing headwinds that are inhibiting your growth. Falling prey to patterns or sameness.


Unable to manage balance in social, health, family, financial or spiritual facets of life.


In an industry, facing changes and challenges, seeking newer opportunities and horizons.


Transiting business and building conscientious succession, internal or external


Facing conflicts, in interpersonal and intrapersonal domains, and seeking resolution.

Dr. Alok Purohit

In key life endeavors, a coach who has passion, purpose and experience can be very effective. Someone who believes in radically changing the way his coachee’s pursue their goals. It is here that you may want to get in touch with our Founder & Life Coach, Dr. Alok Purohit.

As an eternal optimist, Growth has been an ardor and a way of life for our Founder & CEO, Dr. Alok Purohit. With over 26 years of rich and diverse experience, Dr.Purohit is an adroit professional who has had an illustrious career spanning many strategic roles with leading Corporates in India and holds a doctorate (PhD). He has the quintessential knowledge spanning corporate, academic and coaching areas. As a Life Coach, certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation), and CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance), he has garnered skill and experience in global standards of coaching practice.

He specializes in Entrepreneur & Executive Coaching, and Life Coaching space. His USP is the combination of his own successful career stints in the corporate arena that bestow him with pragmatic insights into professional and personal issues that people face, coupled with his conceptual knowledge & coaching experience.
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Coaching is inspiring, positive, exciting and action driven. Coaching helps individuals to look at where they are now, versus, where they would like to be, and, helps in charting the growth path.

So, is coaching magic? Does the Life Coach just wave a magic wand and make everything wonderful? Sadly no, coaching involves a lot of hard work and commitment from individuals. However, if one is ready for change, the benefits are enormous. It requires high level of enthusiasm, integrity and commitment from both the coach and the client – but well worth the effort. Personal Coach can :

Help you discover your priorities in your life and career and develop focus.

Help you realize the power of self consciousness, and enable conflict resolution.

Help you make your choices for your success, through developing personal skills.

Partner with you, to eliminate obstacles that block your success, and expand your thinking.

Be a confidante & sounding board, and help you restore your self esteem.

Help you build, sustain and correct relationships that influence high performance



CEO’s of Large Corporate & Senior Executives across domains and industries.

HR Leaders

Corporate HR leaders endeavoring investing in leadership development with handpicked talent.


Entrepreneurs facing headwinds, growth challenges, scaling up, or planning succession.


Professionals seeking growth, work life balance, and discover a more fulfilling life.


Individuals seeking help on various professional, personal and relationship issues.


  • Compliments to Dr. Alok Purohit who is doing some brilliant work in the much coveted genre of executive and entrepreneur coaching. His experience and understanding of all three domains viz.. professional , academic and coaching give him an unparalleled edge as a coach. I recommend his work to all those who are eyeing some serious life changing pursuits and need a trustworthy accountable coach engagement.

    Nandan Srinath - Director Response at Bennet, Coleman & Co. Ltd.–(The Times of India Group.)

  • Having retained Dr. Alok Purohit as a coach was one of the best decisions I made in the recent past. He has a brilliant knack of challenging and stretching my imagination. I have been able to expand my horizons and see clarity in my approach to my business.

    Sanjeev Shivaraman - Real Estate Entrepreneur

  • Alok has helped me re-attain focus my career goals in my professional career. I never realized that coaching can be so transforming. I would take the opportunity to recommend him to most of those who have a goal and keenness to bring about positive changes in life.

    Somendra Burman - FMCG Professional

  • Coaching is so empowering, and has so much of value. A learnt behavior can last for a lifetime and can have a positive domino effect. ROI is unbelievable !

    Prateek Shah- Exporter

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